Step 1: Initialize HP Officejet Pro 8022 Printer:

  • First, unbox the printer from the cardboard box.
  • Remove packaging material from the printer.
  • Now, keep inside the started user guide, fax cord, power cord, and installation CD.
  • Place your printer into the normal surface.
  • Then, remove the thermocol from both sides.
  • Now, clear all the blue tapes and plastic materials from the printer.

Step 2: Installation of Ink Cartridges & Control Panel Setting:

  • Before, Setup HP Officejet Pro 8022 Printer you have to give ideal condition to the printer.
  • Now, connect the power cord to the electric supply.
  • Then, go to the control panel on the touch screen.
  • Choose your language and country.
  • Open the ink tank carefully & load ink cartridges into the tank.
  • After then, load the bundle of white paper into the tray.

Step 3: OJPro 8022 Printer – Wireless Setup:

If you want to download software via Wi-Fi network so you have to set the wireless configuration for software setup and then you can for the Pro 8022 printer.

  • Now, turn on your router and computer and enter the same wireless network on both sides.
  • If you have connected any USB cable in the printer so discount until process.
  • After then, go to the control touch panel and hit the wireless icon.
  • Then, choose the wireless setting and then select the network option.
  • Now, enter the network password & name and press.
  • If your network is not recognized so you can generate a new network name.
  • Now, go to the HP Officejet Pro 8022 Printer Installation

Step 4: Pro 8022 Printer – Software Download Using Wireless Setup:

  • Turn on your computer and visit OJPro 8022 official website of the HP printer.
  • Now, you can get your printer by entering your model name & number.
  • Install the setup in your computer by click on the “Download” button.
  • If your file has downloaded successfully, then run that file into the computer.
  • Choose the connectivity method so checkbox on “Wireless”.
  • After then, enter your location in the box and then, press on the “Finish” button.
  • Therefore, the Setup HP Officejet Pro 8022 Printer has easily installed via above- presented steps. if you want to install software through USB cable so just see the below-given steps.

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HP Officejet Pro 8022 Printer Software Installation via USB cable:

  • Open your computer and go to the Pro 8022.
  • Now, enter your model name and number & then, press the “Search” button.
  • Choose the “Download” button and the file will automatically download on your computer.
  • Then, connect the USB cable between your printer and computer.
  • Now, explore the downloaded file into your computer & select the “Software”.
  • After then, choose the installation method so select the “USB”.
  • Finally, click on the “Finish” button and your software process has installed successfully.

That’s it.


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