HP Officejet 6954 printer offers user-friendly features like scanning, faxing, and printing. This is an amazing printer in the series of HP. It gives high-quality cartridges with long-lasting standard printouts with wireless or wired connectivity. If you recently bought HP printer Officejet 6954 so you can download the latest software and drivers from 123.hp.com/oj6954. To get step by step printer setup and installation information, just follow the below-given instructions:

Basic Step of 123.hp.com/HP OJ 6954 Printer:

  • Open the box of the printer and remove the package from the printer body.
  • Now, keep into the plain surface and remove the all blue taps and packaging material.
  • In the box, you can find the battery, user manual guide, fax & power cable, and installation CD.
  • Remove the transparent sheet from the access door.
  • Keep the white paper bundle into the paper tray.
  • Open all ink cartridges and push the front access door of the printer.
  • Now, install the ink cartridges according to the colour-wise & then, close the front door.
  • Provide to the power supply via power card.

Initial setting of 123HP Officejet 6954 Printer:

  • Choose a suitable language, date, country, time, and after finalize tap on the OK button. Now, go for the HP Officejet 6954 Printer Installation process after a wireless setting.

Wireless Configuration of HP Officejet 6954 Printer:

  • Before proceeding the installation of software Setup HP Officejet 6954 Printer, you have to configure your wireless connection.
  • Just turn on the wireless button and go to the control display panel.
  • Choose the wireless sign and select the settings option.
  • Then, choose the network and provide the network name and password.
  • In the network section, you have to enter your wireless username and password.
  • The wireless network has established the connection between your router and printer.

Install the Software Driver for HP Officejet 6954 Printer Using Wireless connection:

  • Visit the 123.hp.com/Setup OJ6954 in any web browser.
  • Click on the download button for setup installation.
  • The file will download in the left side corner of your browser.
  • After completion of the download, open it by double-clicking the file.
  • Now, run that file on your computer and start.
  • If there is an administrator password so type and tap on next.
  • Next, confirm the terms & conditions of the software installation so click on agree and go ahead.
  • Make sure, you have a secure wireless connection and then choose the software which you want to install.
  • Finally, tap on the finish button.

How to Download & Install Software Drivers via USB Cable?

  • Open your computer and type 123.hp.com/Setup Officejet 6954 in any search engine.
  • Hit the download button and your file will automatically download on your computer.
  • Run that file on your computer and connect the USB cable between the printer and the computer.
  • Choose the software which you want to install in your printer.
  • Follow the screen instructions and hit the finish button.


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