Unboxing Setup HP Officejet 6951 Printer:

  • Firstly, you have collected all the components from the box, after then, printer out of the box and place it into the plain surface.
  • Now, carefully remove all the blue tapes and packaging material from the printer. Also, you will get some unused packaging material in the scanner lid.
  • Remove the cape and unused socket from the ink cartridge. Now, plug into the electrical outlet to the power cord and the other end should be connected to the printer.
  • Tap the power button and then, go the control display panel.
  • Choose the language, country, date, and other general settings.
  • Now go to the HP Officejet 6951 Printer Installation because your printer has reached ideal condition.

123HP OJ 6951 Wireless Setup:

To get the instant setup of wireless establishment, 123.hp.com/oj6951 wireless setup wizard to the control display panel.

  • Now, tap on the wireless button and go to the settings of the control panel.
  • Choose the Wireless setup wizard and touch the network option.
  • Then, go to the wireless setting and provide a wireless information such as a name and password.
  • Now, wireless communication has generated successfully.

Install the setup of HP Officejet 6951 through Wireless connection:

  • Just visit 123.hp.com/setup OJ6951 Printer in any web browser.
  • Then, tap the download button and your file will download at the bottom left corner of your browser.
  • Once the download is completed, open it via double-clicking the file.
  • Tap on the run that will start the installation process.
  • Now, provide the administrator password and hit enter.
  • Next, windows will ask you to confirm T&C so agree by checkbox.
  • Choose the software you want to install the same.
  • Then, add your present location and tap on the finish button.
  • Now, provide the connection information, so just choose the Wireless.
  • Again, choose your printer from the list.
  • Enter the present location and tap on the finish button.

Install the software of 123 HP OJ6951 Printer via USB:

  • Just go to the official website of 123.hp.com/setup 6951 in the search engine.
  • Then, enter your model name and number & choose your printer.
  • Now, hit the download button and after downloaded , un file on your computer.
  • Next, connect the USB cable to the printer & choose the software which you want to install.
  • Select the USB method for connection and tap on the finish button.
  • Choose your printer but this time you will get the automatic selection process.

123 HP Officejet 6951 Scanning method of the Printer:

  • Go to the Scan section and select the manage scan option.
  • Turn on enable for the scanning process.
  • Open the glass lid of the scanner.
  • Keep the document and shut down the glass lid.
  • Now, go to the HP printer software and hit the scan button.
  • Before scanning, save the document JPEG or PNG or another format.


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